David Méndez Alonso is an artist and illustrator who grew up in Galicia, a region surrounded by the sea and forests in northern Spain. But David doesn’t particularly like the idea of growing up. “I reject the concept of growing up,” he says. “That moment when a child stops imagining and their way of seeing the world changes.” His art—playful shapes and characters rendered in vibrant colors is a refection of that viewpoint. “My art is a statement for all the outsiders who are still imagining and laughing,” he explains.


David’s work, which he describes as “grandpa gone wild with yellow color while he listens to Morrissey,” includes installations, oil paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and textiles, and also appears on a collection caps as part of his brand, Outsiders Division. “Outsiders Division is something I used to write in my graffiti when I was 15,” he explains, “and it’s a concept that has been pursuing me all my life. Outsiders Division is a brand for misfits, weirdos, and freaks.”

David further discusses art and fashion in the following interview, along with his bold use of color and unique vision. “I am interested in the spontaneous, the premature, and adolescent thinking,” he explains. “I think the biggest mistake of humans is to grow up and lose their sense of wonder. Don’t grow up—it’s a trap!”