Later on, I opened a crafts supplies store and atelier in Cartagena, the city I used to live in Spain, called "El mundo en una caja de cerillas" (the world in a match box), and there I became a crochet teacher and I decided that everybody in the world should have a crochet blanket, so I created a crochet group called "Proyecto Colcha" (The Blanket Project).

If you want to know more about me and my work, have a look on my blog. You'll can also find me in facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. @deestraperlo #deestraperlo

The name “Estraperlo” was given to the black market that emerged in the context of the post Spanish Civil War, period in which goods were closely rationed by the state.

My name is María. I started this project in 2008. A lot of amazing things happened since then.....The first years I was focused in printing and customizing t-shirts, and crocheting accesories. It was a time full of new experiences, street markets, a lot of contacts, amazing people...

Now I'm living in Amsterdam (the most beautiful city in the world). While I try lo learn Dutch, I keep on with my crochet lessons (Proyecto Colcha Amsterdam) and I've started this new project called "Mijn Grote Familie" (My big family). A whole new world of crocheted relatives and friends. Toys for childish grown-ups.