I am Pedro Vázquez, freelance art director based in Paris.

I am dedicated to visual communication and consulting. I create new concepts, build brands and visual identities, design campaigns and creative ideas, thinking and developing powerful projects, the more varied and different from the previous ones the better.

The aim in my work is to find simple and powerful ideas at the same time, to make them beautiful, and to link them to a design and artistic quality management.

I'm from Toledo, Ilived in Madrid since 2002 until last year, where I worked as an art director, in advertising industry.  Frankly I get disappointed by the loss of time and energy, because spent weeks and months thinking and designing ideas for nobody and nothing. The best of those years was meeting my partners with whom I create Friday at 2010.

Friday is a study of creativity in projects for the common good and one of our more important projects is the bike Festibal with B, a very funny festival of music, art, games and activities that we developwith Matadero Madrid to promote the use of the bike in the city.

Now I work and live in Paris, whereI develop different projects apart from Friday, for other customers on an independent level. NowadaysI'm designing visual identities for a few new trademarks, carrying the artistic direction of a video clip and developing a new tourist and gastronomic project linked to Paris city.

I really enjoy the city where I live, and the harmonious union that make mixing contemporary creation and classical art. That's something I want, and I'm into it, assimilate it and adding to my work as much as I can. As a matter of fact, some of the more exciting artists are French. I love the great painters, specially Matisse. I feel great admiration for the inspired and funny work of the artistic director Jean-Paul Goude, and the things he did. I feel fascinated by the sleek and elegant photograph of Guy Bourdin too.

I'm happy to live in the city where my favourite movie "Frantic" from Polanski was filmed, with a Grace Jones and Ennio Morricone OST . I feel like If Dr. Richard Walker had finished leaving with Michelle and he had moved into her small Parisian apartment. Of course Michelle is not Emmanuelle Seigner, but Angela Suarez, who is the person who has given me the strength I needed to leave my country and change my mentality in the way of working and living values, to be free.

Another thing I do is DJing, nowadays I’m the resident DJ in the Hotel Très Particulier de Montmartre. I wasa DJ at Barbarella and Nasti in Madrid. My musical style of the recent months could be called "Cocktail Pop", a name which I extracted from the wonderful Hamburg Growing Bin Records. I love a little bit lo-fi 80s influenced Pop, of labels like Montreal Arbutus Records, as a matter of fact my recent favorite artist Sean Nicholas Savage.I love also musicians like Kasper Bjørke, Nite Jewel, Julia Holter ... although I hear all kinds of music really, lately a lot of jazz and classical music (Chet Baker,Krzysztof Komeda, Erik Satie ...)

I'm interested in musical projects and selection in order to create a brand identity, besides a visual sound. This enthusiasm for music has led me to work with i-D Spain for whom I write articles on everything related to music.