In 2010 I moved to Burgos to begin Fashion Designer at the School of Art and Design of Burgos. In the summer of 2013, I traveled to London for three months where I did an internship in Steven Tai Studio Limited. This gave me the opportunity to get closer to art and learn more about fashion in an extremely cultural city. After my experience as an apprentice, I ended up in Madrid, my second city, where I decided to finish my fashion studies. Here, I participated in a catwalk festival at Centro de Creación Artística Matadero, and an art exhibition, all about my first collection "Consumación" (Madrid, March 2015).

I am a designer, photographer and attempted artist. A passion. I always try to transmit my moods, feelings and perceptions in one way or another, always with some conceptual and artistic base.

With only 16 years of age, I went to live alone, thus the metaphor of Sposito.

I currently work as a Creative Director, fashion stylist for magazines and other publications, as well as an occasional costume designer for artistic performances. My work has been published in magazines such VEIN MAG, as BRUNCH MAG (Queen of Hearts), PARAISO MAG (Consumación), VISION MAG CHINA (garments of Consumación, photographed by Paco Peregrin), SSSTENHAL MAG (special of Consumación), or FAULT MAG