Hi, how are you!

I am Tayone until I recover my original name and surname in an hypothetical stage of artistic maturity, meanwhile I develop various random and complementary lines of work, without closing any, simultaneously to enjoy the trip .


This way my production is a little bit disparate, I think of it as a game of trial and error where I entertain myself with small tangential creations that takes me from one to another and become complementary in an exercise of an endless procrastination, a kind of creative detour that I develop at the same time and would materialize what I call “the mother of all pieces”: one that lists all works and projects that didn’t exist (either by its technical complexity or lack of budget, -two issues oftenrelated-, sooner or later eventually developed, luckily, by other artists), The piece would be carved on a slab of black marble. A whim and an exorcism at the same time, a creative catharsis under which would include, the installation of a mirror on a billboard or a drone with a spray, among others.


I believe that virtuosity is the most recognized thing nowadays, more than compromise or artistic responsaibility. I think that sense of humor is very useful to develop the socio- political criticism from art, understood as a communication tool to get closer to problems and to distance from themselves at the same time.

I find in order and constancethe better way to produce more every day, but I need “the click” that motivates me to start. I have a million-dollar idea that you might want to finance and invest the benefits in a course of artistic curator, intermediaries are the future.

I create without any kind of prejudice or censorship, sometimes physical content, sometimes digital content, each and everyone of them has its final optimal (or circumstantial) form. I always think that what I'm developing right now is the best thing that I could do, when I finish I always think the best best work is yet to come.

We are determined, consciously or not, by endless interferences andcontradictions nowadays. My production tries to be a crossover of them all.

All my favorite artists are dead, so if you're reading this you can be sure I'm not plagiarizing you. There is an art designed to obtain likes and another one to form the history of art, but both, like all money, are false.